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1.What is a bulk ship?

A bulk ship refers to  a ship that transports packless mass goods(coal,ore,grain,fertilizer,steel,etc).Based on cargo type,bulk ship is classifed into grain ship,collier,ore ship,cement ship,wood ship,etc.
Bulk ship also loads break bulk cargo or general cargo,which can be counted by quantifier.Break bulk cargo is devided into packed cargo and nude cargo.Packed cargo is packed with carton,bag,case,inversely nude cargo is packless or unsuitable for package.

2.Our bulk ship service feature

Years of bulk ship experience makes Yifan ranks well above its domestic peers.We undertake mass goods and large and heavy cargo transportation,including vehicles,equipments,steel products,building material.We have superiority in ocean lines to middle east, Persian Gulf Region,South America and Africa,and we secure fixed liner service,steady sailing schedule and competitive price.

3.Our bulk ship experience

Ⅰ. Project item transportation:
Concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant, plant relocation, large-scale generator, aerobridge, locomotive, wind turbine generator,etc.
Ⅱ. Break bulk cargo
Steel, steel coil, steel wire rod, deformed steel bars,vehicles,etc.
Ⅲ. Large and heavy piece cargo
Engineering vehicle,ball mill,oxygenerator, autoclave, vulcanizer,dryer, Pressure machine,yatch,etc.