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Air Transport Services:

Air transport services is known as its safety,efficiency,convinience and high quality. Efficient and integrated airport service contribute greatly to reducing operating cost and improving cargo turnover and protecting enviroment.


With the close cooperation with more than 30 airlines, we provide worldwide airport-airport and door-door service departure from Shenzhen under the best price and high priority in the peak season. Both direct and transit services are available to match the different request from the clients.
Ground Handling Service
To ensure the smooth handover and bonded transfer service, we have the special delivery channel with the GHA of the airline partners. We have an over 20,000 M2 custom bonded warehouse and provide 24hrs x 7days service for the acceptance and delivery. The shelf sorting system makes the entire process more efficient.

Yifan has train personel for profession,they can quickly respond to varieties of cargo.
Yifan mainly deals with inland air freight forwarding,including air express,storage,distribution, airport freight transport, air-logistics.
Our advantage airlines:Japan,Russia,South East,South Korea,Middle America, Caribbean Area,Mexico,Europe, Mediterranean Area, Black Sea, Persian Gulf Region, Pakistan,India, Bangladesh.
International express:Special lines of DHL,TNT,FEDEX,SODEXL.

Prohibited articles:

1. Weapons, simulated weapons,bullets and explosives.
2. Counterfeit money and counterfeit securities.
3. Any presswork, roll film,pictures,records,video,tapes,computer storage medium that is harmful to China’s politids,economics,culture and morality.
4. Acrid poison and psychoactive drug.
5. Animals and plants and products made of it that carry dangerous ferms,pests.
6. Foods,drugs and other articles from affected area that is dangerous to people’s health.
Process of air transport:

1. Consignor’s valid ID card is needed.Consignor is required to submit cargo consignment book and state clearly insurance and the value of goods,and the book is signatured and stamped by both the consignor and consignee.
2. Consignor is responsible for the vadity and accuracy of the cargo consignment book.
3. Cargoes that is restricted and need quarantine should be consigned with its certification.
4. Cargoes’ packages should meet the air transport requirement,and should not be packed with staw bags.


1. Pick up at destination airport with bill of lading and consignee’s ID card.If a consignee company come to take delivery,it should carry a stamped letter.
2. If someone else is consigned to pick up goods,he should carry both his and the real consignee’s ID card.
3. Consignee goes to the specified place for the procedures,and should pay accrued charges.
4. Consignee should signature on the air waybill and pick-up records.
5. Consignee should check and count the cargo on site,and represent to airline immediately if loss,lack,stain,damage or delay happens.
6. The goods is deemed to be delivered in good condition if the consignee has signatured on the air waybill wihout any objection.