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Yifan ocean freight rate inquiry system incorporates the freight rate and information of all lines connecting China with the world.Customers can check online the real time tariff:FCL freight rate,LCL freight rate,airway freight,break bulk freight,ro-ro freight,feeder and barge freight,trucking fee,port surcharge and customs clearence fee,and our system provides e-booking and cargo tracking service.Below is the user guide of each part.

1. Log on
Both English and Chinese are available to choose,and different language interface will be showed.

A. The English interface
E-commerce ,one-stop transparentizing logistic service

B. The Chinese interface
User Guide,one-stop transparentizing logistic service


2. The main interface

The picture below shows the FCL inquiry interface. Platform guide, FCL query function description


3. The query function

The user will soon find that the system is truely humanized and flexible:you can query by choosing key words or two particular query parameters,and system supports fuzzy queries and fast query about lines.
Platform guide, FCL query function description Platform guide, FCL query function description



Our online booking service will make booking cargo space easier and more efficient,no need to telephone or fax or e-mail your booking any more.

E-commerce, e-booking function description


Thorough booking information and clear provision clauses.

E-commerce, e-booking function description


Convenient e-booking service,support online editing and saving,online submission,online revise,online check booking condition. E-commerce, e-booking function description E-commerce, e-booking function description


5.Cargo tracking

Cargo tracking puts international container shipping condition into your browser,allowing you track and trace with a B/L number.
Platform guide, cargo tracking function description


6.User management

Change your personal password and details.
Platform guide, cargo tracking function description


7.LCL inquiry interface

E-commerce, container LCL price query function description


8.Airway freight inquiry interface

E-commerce, AIR price query function description


9.Break bulk and ro-ro interface

Platform guide, Break bulk and RO-RO price query function description 


10.Feeder inquiry interface

E-commerce,Feeder price query function description


11.Inland ports trucking fee interface

Platform guide,Inland ports trucking fee interface 


12.Main ports surcharge interface

Platform guide,Main ports surcharge interface