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1. What is Project Charter?

One of ways to operate a ship is chartering,which means shipowner or disponent owner bargained transfers use of his vessel instead of transportation service.Charter,also called tramp shipping,is opposite to liner shipping or regular shipping.Charter service doesn’t follow fixed sailing schedule or shipping routes or freight rate,and doesn’t have a named port of call.Its operation is on the basis of the charter contract agreed between shipowner and charterer.Charter business is a kind of invisible trade in foreign trade.
Chartering happens in the charter market.Ship broker is the link between shipowner and charter.They have ample resources,and provide enquiry to shipowner and source of ship to charterer,and most importantly help to bring about an agreement between the two parties.They charge some commision if the deal is achieved.Their buiness also includes sale and agency of ship.
2. Our Project Charter service feature

We have close connection with influential shipping lines,and ample and real-time source of ship for charterer.As an experienced operator and broker,our profession will contributes to the deal between shipowner and charterer.
We mainly provide vessel chartering(especially bulk cargo) service:voyage charter and time charter.And we provide qualified and professional operating service to shipowner and charterer.
Mainly handling ship size: 15000-60000/DWT
Cargo: bulk of coal/ nickel ore/ manganese ore/ bauxite /clay/ tapioca chips/lead ore/ chrome ore/Ti ore /wood chips/grain/cement/fertilizer, and so on.
Main line: India and the Middle East, the Persian Gulf,South America,Africa
Service:chartering for mass bulk cargo
3. About voyage charter and time charter

Ⅰ Voyage charter

The shipowner offers the whole of or part of the shipping space to charterer on agreement of freight rate in advance,and ships the designated cargo between the designated ports by one voyages or several voyages.
Voyage charer is devide into four types:
⑴Single voyage charter:The chartering contract come to end automatically when the shipowner finishes his voyage to the designated port of destination.
⑵Round voyage charter:On arrival in destination of last single voyage,the ship will load next shipment in the port of discharge or a neighbouring port,and will be drived to the original port of loading or a neighbouring port for discharge.Then the contract shall be terminated.
⑶Consecutive voyage charter:It includes several single voyage charter or round voyage charter.In this way,the designated ship is obligated to finish two or more single voages in the same route and in the same direction.
⑷Contract of affreightment:also named Big contract.Number of voyage and ship is not stated,but only the amount of cargo and completion deadline.

Ⅱ Time charter

Under time charter,the charterer can use the ship for transport within a certain time limit with shipowner’s permission.During that period,the fuel cost,port charge and any other operating expenses will be borne by the charterer.At the meantime,the shipowner will take responsibility of vessel’s maintenance,insurance,staffing,supplies and other fixed cost.The rate of rent will keep the same during the charter period,and is calculated by per weight ton per month(weight ton under the summer loadline).It should be paid every month or every half month.