China's OUT OF GAUGE(OOG), special container transport, OUT OF GAUGE trailers, OOG size, special container, special transport scheme

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  • China's OUT OF GAUGE(OOG), special container transport

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  • ORIGIN PORT:  Shanghai,ShenZhen - Middle east,black sea
  • DESDINATION PORT: Jebel ali,kuwait,aqaba,jeddah 
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  • 20'FR  40'FR  20'OT  40'OT 
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    Business advantage
    OUT OF GAUGE trailers, OOG size

    Our OOG experience

    OOG includes open top,plat form and flat rack.

    Ⅰ. Open top

    Open top(20’OT,40’OT)can load with large equipments,machinery,metal tubes and pipes,glass products and cargoes that are unconvenient for manual handling.
    By using a crane,movers safely uplift the equipment and move it into the container from the top of container,then cover the top with a piece of waterproof and oilproof sailcloth,finally fasten the equipment with steel wire rope.The door can be detached for entering the container if further fastening and stuffing is needed.
    We recommend open top container for your large piece cargo.We have 20’OT and 40’OT abailable.

    Ⅱ. Plat form

    If you detach the top and side wall of a general container,you will get a plat form.Sometimes a plat form even is made of a baseplate and four coner columns.This feature make plat form container fully open - ended and extensible.Equipment can be loaded into it from the side or the front or the top.So plat form container is an awsome choose for over-length,over-weight,over-height,over-width equipments and large piece cargoes and irregular cargoes in especial.

    Ⅲ. Flat rack

    The difference between flat rack and plat form is that flat rack has baffles at the front and rear.Generally,flat rack container is suitable for over-length cargo and heavy cargo,such as heavy machinery,steel,wood, steel ingot. Platform based container is non-waterproof,so it can’t load cargo that is sensitive to water,unless it’s covered with a piece of sailcloth.

    We have sum up instructive experience from our years’ practise:
    Ⅰ. The top of open top container must be covered by a piece of waterproof and oilproof sailcloth.And cargo inside must be tightly secured by steel wire rope or straps to avoid any movement during transit.And make sure the cracks between strap and cargo is fulfilled with mats to prevent shifting.
    Ⅱ. For flat rack,the cargo’s height and width must be limited to within 4 meters,otherwise load it onto a break bulk vessel.
    Ⅲ. About stowage on the vessel.When the 40’ flat rack is loaded under the deck,then its cargo’s length must be within 11.65 meters.Because 30 CM must be reserved for guide rail at both ends of container.But you can put 11.9 meters long or even longer cargo into a 40’ flat rack if it is loaded on the deck.20’ flat rack will never be loaded inside the cabin,because there is no guide rail suitable for 20’FR.
    Ⅳ. Weight limitation:Net weight and gross weight for 20’FR is respectively 27.7 tons and 31 tons,and 30 tons and 40 tons for 40’FR. 

    Company characteristics
     special container, special transport scheme1 . Business feature

    The decade whets sword.Yifan has become the pioneer of machinery and OOG transportation in China.With years of experience,Yifan has specailism in transporting large and heavy equipments and over-sized(over-length,over-weight,over-height,over-width) cargo.Based on a well-cooperating transporting network,Yifan makes great effort to build the first equipments and machinery transportation platform, to design the best logistic solution for our customer,and to meet customer’s requirements safely and economically.Yifan is determined to be a good leader of machinery and equipments transportation in China’s market.

    2 . E-commerce feature

    The traditional way,relying on paper media and relationship,of freight forwatding business in China’s market,is uneconomical and unefficient.To avoid this waste of time and money,Yifan devoted great money to build the latest Ocean Freight Equiry System and bring professional e-commercial logistic service to our customers. Ocean Freight Equiry System is open to clients from all over the world to check latest and real-time ocean freight,and book cargo space and trace the cargo online.The system is designed to improve work efficiency and service level,and to provide a better service experience for customers:time-saving,effort-saving,money-saving.We believe that  an organic combination between Internet and traditional logistic industry can improve our service,and can help our customer to be the winner of the futrue.
    3 . Service feature

    Ⅰ. You can trace your cargo/container on the system at any time,and know well the cargo condition.
    Ⅱ. You can enquiry all lines’ ocean freight,and e-booking cargo space conveniently and economically.
    Ⅲ. You can enjoy the personalized solutions made to meet you special need.We design professional logistic solutions and insurance solutions to ship your cargo safely and savingly.From the very point of booking,to the end of transportation,we promise you safety and efficiency.
    Ⅳ. You can enjoy our value-added service: factory inspection of goods,packaging,storaging,distributing,and logistic and e-commercial knowledge training for free,etc.
    Company introduction
    Business License        ShenZhen YiFan international forwarding co.,ltd is a first- class international freight forwarder with the qualification of department of commerce. Yifan was established in 2006 in shenzhen. Yifan has a branch in Hong Kong and Registered capital of a solid RMB5,000,000.we have high quality agent network in china and all over the world and most competitive price in the market.We have a well-experience and technical team,working hard to provide you professional third-party logistic service as your personal needs.Yifan experts in carrying special containers and chartering bulk cargo ship,covering internal and international seaway,airway,railway and highway transportation and door-to-door and door-to-yard multimodal transportation.
             We used to service for:SANY Group, Guangzhou Jinglong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., Hangzhou truemax machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd., XIANGTAN JIANGLU IMP. AND EXP. CO., LTD., Changsha Keda Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Guangzhou yuhuaxing Building Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen North Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Sichuan Construction Machinery (Group)Co.,Ltd, Chongqing gas compressor factory, Sichuan Qiangli Construction Machinery Co. Ltd., Shandong Weida industry Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Wuzhou dragon Automobile Co.Ltd, Shaanxi Electric Co., Lt, Xi'an Xidian international engineering Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Qianjiang Electric Group,ETC.
             Yifan has superiority in lines to Middle East, Indian Subcontinent,Persian Gulf and Southern America,Africa. Yifan experts in carrying large and heavy equipments, vehicles, yachts, construction projects,and plant moving projects,and over-sized(overlength,over-weight,over-high,over-width) machinery. Based on excellent service and professional logistic technic,Yifan dedicates itself to improving every process in the logistic link,to make our customers more competitive with lower cost in the market by optimizing logistic chain. 
             Yifan believes in “all customer centered”,and always follows the goal of lower our cusotomer’s operation expenses,and strives win-win cooperation.Yifan devotes itself to providing professional,quik,efficient and economical transportation service to our customer.Yifan will be your  ideal and loyal partner when you decide to enter Chinese market.
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