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2012/8/15      view:

The customer benefit points of one-stop transparentizing logistic service:

1. It’s very convinient to enquire about the ocean freight rate and to master the market condition. you can quickly know about your logistic cost; you can master the latest freight rate and quote to your customer quickly.

2. Logistic cost and surcharges are clear and unambiguous:trucking fee,customs clearence fee,port surcharge,etc,which can help you save logistic expense and be more advantageous and competitive in the market.

3. E-booking is money-saving,effort-saving and time-saving.You can make booking within a short time and at a lower cost.

4. You can track and trace your consigned cargo at any time.Real-time and transparentizing tracking service improves customer service experience.

All above service is created just for you and is totally free.We are hoping to open tranperent business with you,resulting in lowering your logistic expense and improving your core competence.We are confident that through this e-commercial logistic platform we can provide professional and efficient service:FCL/LCL import and export transport,pickup on site,trucking,storage,fasten and loading,devanning and transit,customs clereance,door-to-door delivery and other one-stop tranparentizing logistic service.