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Internal land transportation

Based on powerful transportation network,Yifan’s truck service can cover most cities and districts in home,we can reach everywhere the road spreads.We can offer timely door to door stuffing and real-time cargo trace with the combination of GPS and MIS.
We arrange accredited personel to the dock to coordiate with workers on worksite,and ensure the cargo can pass through effectively.And our operantor will keep in touch with the merchant factory to ensure timely stuffing.
We provide optimum driving route and time to the truck driver and keep track of the trailer through GPS and massage platform.Through that,we can ensure fixed loading time and smooth operation.

We provide below service:

Import and export FCL Stuffing
Import and export pick-up
Import and export break bulk carog,large piece of equipment
Internal waterway transportation

We possess four advantage internal direct route:

Ⅰ From Perl River Delta Area to Shanghai to Yangtse River(Taicang/Zhangjiagang/Jiangyin/Taizhou/Changzhou/Nanjing/Hefei/Jiujiang/Wuhan/Chongqing included)
High schedule frequency,and a wide range of shipping lines to choose.One flight every two days on average.Five days to sail from Perl River Delta Area to Shanghai,and transship on ports along Yangtse River with flight frequecy of one transship flight every two or three days.
Ⅱ From Perl River Delta Area to Rizhao/Qingdao/Yantai
Fixed schedule of one flight every three or four days.Transport heave cargo on favorable cost.
Ⅲ From Perl River Delta Area to Tianjin/Yingkou
Steady sailing schedule.Largest ton class and fastest speed.One flight every two days and sail for about a week to the destination,the most busy line.Lower cost and sealed transportation make it an ideal choice to Shenyang,Changchun,Haerbin.
Ⅳ From Perl River Delta Area to Qinghuangdao/Jinzhou/Dalian
Reasonable freight rate and directly sail, steady sailing schedule help it become the prior route to the Northeastern Area.